Crime Classics

Track #DateEpisode #Episode Title
0112/03/52000The Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner [Audition]
0206/15/53001Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner
0306/22/53002Shockingly Peaceful Passing Of Thomas Bartlett
0406/29/53003Checkered Life & Sudden Death Of Col James Fisk
0507/06/53004Shrapnelled Body Of Charles Drew, Senior
0607/13/53005The Terrible Deed Of John White Webster
0707/20/53006The Death Of A Picture Hanger
0807/27/53007The Final Day Of General Ketchum
0908/03/53008Mr. Thrower's Hammer
1008/10/53009The Axe & The Droot Family
1108/17/53010The Incredible Trial Of Laura D. Fair
1208/24/53011The Alsop Family
1308/31/53012Your Loving Son, Nero
1409/07/53013The Torment Of Henrietta Robinson
1509/30/53014The Bloody, Bloody Banks Of Fall River
1610/07/53015The Hangman & William Palmer
1710/14/53016Seven Layered Arsenic Cake Of Madame Lafarge 
1810/21/53017Billy Bonny Bloodletter
1910/28/53018John Hayes
2011/04/53019Raschi Among The Crocodiles
2111/11/53020Blackbeard's Fourteenth Wife
2211/18/53021The Triangle On The Round Table
2311/25/53022Killing Story Of William Corder & Farmer's Daughter  
2412/02/53023If A Body Needs A Body, Just Call Burke & Hare
2512/09/53024The Assasination Of Abraham Lincoln
2612/16/53025John & Judith
2712/30/53026Coyle & Richardson
2801/06/54027The Younger Brothers
2901/13/54028How Supan Got The Hook Outside Bombay
3001/20/54029Madeline Smith, Maid Or Murderess
3101/27/54030The Boorn Brothers & The Hangman
3202/03/54031The Incredible History Of John Shepard
3302/10/54032Twenty-Three Knives Against Caesar
3402/17/54033Jean Baptiste Troppmann
3502/24/54034The Good Ship Jane
3603/03/54035Roger Nems
3703/10/54036The Tiger & Brad Ferguson
3803/17/54037Old Sixtoes
3903/31/54039Robby Boy Balfour
4004/07/54040A General's Daughter, Czar's Lt & The Linen Closet
4104/14/54041James Evans, Fireman
4204/21/54042Cesare Borgia - His Most Difficult Murder
4304/28/54043Widow Magee & The Three Gypsies
4405/05/54044Bunny Baumler
4505/12/54045Mr Clarke's Skeleton In Mr Aram's Closet
4605/26/54046The Lethal Habit Of Marquise DeBrinvilliers
4706/02/54047Mr Jonathon Jewett
4806/09/54048The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky
4906/16/54049The Death Of A Baltimore Birdie & Friend
5006/23/54050Ali Pasha - A Turkish Delight
5106/30/54051Good Evening, My Name Is Jack The Ripper
52xx/xx/xx999Intro to Crime Classics Radio Show
53xx/xx/xx999Producer Elliott Lewis' Biography